Wimberley Strong

We at 7th Generation Labs are gathering stories from the past and present to identify just what it is that make Wimberley such a strong and resourceful community.

This survey is confidential. The stories and information you provide us in this survey will only be shared in anonymous/aggregate form. No individual names will ever be used.  Additionally, our policy is to never share our list (name/email) with any third party, ever. 

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Question 1 of 4

What do you think makes Wimberley so special?

Question 2 of 4

In your mind, what unites people who live in the Wimberley Valley?

Question 3 of 4

If you had three wishes for the health and vitality of the Wimberley Valley, what would they be?

Question 4 of 4

Within the Wimberley Valley, who are the movers and shakers you trust to serve the community's interest?

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