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When opinion’s divided and debate gets hot, it’s time to get creative. More curious. More intentional. More ingenious. Times like this encourage us to dream bigger and keep going even though there are bumps in the road. That’s how great ideas are born and communities thrive.
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We Must Preserve
What We Value

To preserve what we value about the Wimberley Valley, we must come together as a community. To share our ideas, to figure out our priorities, to create a social and civic roadmap for Wimberley shaped by the people who call it home. A map we can share to serve the needs of elected officials, our schools, and our civic and cultural groups. We’ll manage growth in ways that preserve our unique character and ensure we thrive at the same time.

Let's Take Control of
Our Response

Wimberley’s creativity needs to be as robust as the challenges coming our way. To make sure we’re ready for what’s next, we need to consider these questions:

  • How will our way of life be affected by the growth headed our way?

  • How focused and resilient are our strategies for adapting to change?

  • How ready are we to implement these strategies as a community?

We Can't Win if
We Don't Play

Join our open-space brainstorming session, facilitated by Wimberley-based 7th Generation Labs to add your ideas.(read more about how we help communities build consensus for managing change)Topics range from evaluating growth and protecting the environment to creating a welcoming community for youth and families and ensuring a robust local economy. Got other ideas? Bring ‘em. That’s what this gathering is all about.
The Wimberley Valley needs you!

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