Where Innovation Meets Preservation

Wimberley Valley Works is an intergenerational network connecting people, resources, skills and ideas to enhance the health and vitality of the Wimberley Valley. 

Whether times are tough and opinion's divided or things are flowing smoothly - creativity is a constant we can all exercise, anytime, all the time. We can be more intentional together and each make our own unique contribution. 

Times like this encourage us to dream bigger and keep going despite bumps in the road. That's how great ideas are born and communities thrive. WimberleyValleyWorks is all about weaving new connections to enrich lives, livelihoods and the community as a whole. 

Social Good

By creating a strong sense of belonging we can preserve what we most value about the Wimberley Valley.

How many ways can we come together to create a sense of belonging for everyone who calls the Valley home? 

Economic Good

By tapping into our collective wisdom and creativity we can best rise to the challenges we face.  

How is our way of life being affected by the growth all around us? How focused and resilient are our strategies for adapting to change in order to preserve our way of life? 

Environmental Good

By learning to understand our unique and beautiful environment we can preserve and protect this place we all call home.

What is unique about our environment? What threats, large and small, are lurking about or closing in? Where do we need to beware? 

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