Diversity Leadership Conference

7th Generation Labs guided the City of Austin and local, public and private schools in empowering a diverse group of middle schools students.  The student designed the one-day conference with support from adults.

Students learned how to plan an event, host conversations, hone their collaborative skills and discover the power of diversity.

Strategic change requires momentum.  The momentum was launched in the design phase and then amplified at the conference itself.  Along with the energy, each school developed their own implementation plan for strengthening diversity and inclusion efforts.  


Every school met to create a plan for positive changes at their school.  They learned a planning template that specified their focus area, the support systems they needed, how they would measure success and track their progress. Students were recording on a flip chart and facilitating the conversation.

A special focus was giving students a real time experience of teamwork.  Experiential learning is the secret for retaining the lessons learned over time.

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