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(hint: most of what you know about networking has changed) 

Smarter Networking Manifesto

What does your network look like? How do you use it to help you achieve your goals and help others achieve theirs? How can you network smarter so you don't feel worn out or inauthentic from the experience! There's a better, smarter way!


It's time to "Think Different!"

The Smarter Networking Manifesto gives you a different way to think about networking. The old ways of press the flesh or work the room aren't effective anymore, if they ever really were. We need to draw on intelligence about networks and make seven shifts in order to ensure our time and energy produce real results. 

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Weave Connections

Rather than a numbers game of collecting as many business cards as you can in one sitting, develop stronger personal relationships. 

Find Opportunities

Change your perspective from one-time fly-by interactions to finding opportunities through genuine personal connections.

Make the Network you Need

Rather than happenstance, imagine intentionally creating the network you need, all while helping others get their needs met too? 


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