The 8 Step Social Media Path

A Free Guide for Getting Started (or Restarted) Using Social Media

Get Started in Just 8 Steps

Social media communications are here to stay. So how do small non-profits, coalitions and other groups get geared up to participate well? This guide is designed to help you 1) understand how social media is changing the way we communicate and why that's important. 2) How to get the basics right for moving toward building a presence and making social media work for you.

Stephanie Nestlerode

Omega Point International

"The book grabbed my full attention on page one and never let go. Why? LaDonna had clearly read my mind about social media. What a wonderful resource for those of us who are skeptical - a clear roadmap for being fully present with others ... deepening our learning journeys so that we can manifest our most heartfelt intentions for serving the common good."

Sarah Mariani

Behavioral Health Admin

"As the state provider of training and technical assistance we often hear from our providers, "I know I should be using the new social media stuff more but I don't know where to start. What should I do?" LaDonna's book is the answer to that question. This book will be extremely helpful for those getting started in using social media to promote their efforts and causes."