Holistic Wisdom Exchange

a learning community for gathering nurturance for body . . . for mind . . . and for spirit


Experience daily practices for creating peace within and with others 


Learn about our offering beginning April 14, 2023

As part of a supportive learning community, you will experience:

New Ways of Being

  • Exploratory Listening: a practice that links you to the power of the Great Mystery
  • Living with Uncertainty: a practice for reducing suffering by expanding your view of possibilities


New Ways of Learning

  • Ways to benefit from diversity of thinking: a practice to test time-honored assumptions
  • How to become a lifelong learner: Medicine wheels as a practice

New Ways of Doing

  • Dynamic decision making: practices to bring all voices into the process 
  • A vision of real community: Three ways to weave community 


Sharing with kindred spirits creates a flow of learning within the circle.

The space provides an opening for: 

  • Grace as you feel yourself surrounded by new resources 
  • Gratitude for the community's dedication to your success
  • Joy as you master tools supporting your life-long learning journey
  • Ethical presence that guides the wisdom of your choices 
  • Balance within yourself, others and your environment

How our gatherings are designed

We all have unique circumstances.  Our interactive sessions provide space for you to apply the wisdoms to your unique circumstances. 

We all want to make a difference.  Yet none of us can do it alone.   The community holds responsibility for supporting the gifts and talents of each person.  And each person holds the responsibility for strengthening the learning community as a whole.  In this way, we weave new stories for each person and for the community - stories that will have powerful ripple effects into communities across the world.

The world needs you.
No one else can bring your unique gifts! 


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