LaDonna Coy, Learning Chi, is now partnering with 7th Generation Labs. Our work together brings you even more tools and resources for tapping your potential and growing your skills to make your own unique contribution in the world. 

Have you been thinking ... 

  1. "Technology isn't my thing and I don't really want it to be but I do want a great website. I guess what I really want is someone to take my ideas and make them pop online. Now that would be a worthwhile service to me."
  2. I like the technology and I'm willing to learn a bit ... what I'd love to do is migrate my old website to something where I could have everything in one place -- my website, blog, marketing, online store, and even a way to manage my contacts and customers all-in-one place instead of cobbling things together piecemeal."
  3. I'm actually tired of (and embarrassed by) my bullet point riddled slide decks. I'd like them to really rock but not sure how? So much has changed since the early days when I started using PowerPoint. How can I create really great slides?"
Let's talk! Schedule a free half-hour Discovery Session. No risk. All gain.

Looking for an All-in-One Online Solution?

Kajabi is the premiere solution for your website, blog, marketing, list-building, online store, customer/contact management and more. Let me migrate your existing site for you if you'd rather not do it yourself. Platform discount available. 

Looking for a

So you like technology, have the time, and are willing to learn Kajabi as you go but could use a little help as you make the trip. I'll coach you along the way, offering experience, insights, and perhaps a bit of wisdom.

Want to Create Wicked Great Slides?

No more death by powerpoint! Make your workshop the talk of the event. Enliven your presentations, workshops and trainings by updating your ability to create wicked great slides to compliment your rock solid content.

Join Us!

Join me and the team at 7th Generation Labs. We believe everyone has a unique contribution to make. Our job is to help you find and offer yours.


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