Martha Knies
Community Park

7th Generation Labs led efforts to co-create a park honoring Martha Knies.  Before Wimberley became a city, she founded Keep Wimberley Beautiful and gathered a group to create design guidelines for preserving the Valley’s magic.   She served on Wimberley’s first city council which developed a strategic plan and established the city’s first park.  

Local schools are now using the new Park as a venue for learning about the contributions of elders.

“7th Generation showed us how to engage the talents of our members alongside interested citizens and organizations.  As a result, we raised more money than we asked for!  The greatest joy was the dedication when we all came together to celebrate our founder, Martha Knies.  Residents and visitors continue to enjoy the beautiful park brought about by your vision and leadership.”

Carol Scheel, President
Keep Wimberley Beautiful

“The Park is a place of beauty where families and friends can gather, have a picnic, watch their children play on the playground, or better yet said: have a feeling of unity in our community.  The sculpture combines so many elements of what everyone loves about Wimberley, the arts and beautiful landscape.  7GL was the backbone to the project and we are fortunate to have them in our area.”

Rob Pitzer and Pam Rudd
Pitzers Fine Art

"Keep Wimberley Beautiful and the City of Wimberley owe 7th Generation a debt of gratitude for leading us step by step from planting a seed in our minds to the realization of the park itself.  Keep Wimberley Beautiful’s founder, Martha Knies, indeed deserves this glorious honor."

Christine Byrne
Wimberley City Council 

"Stephanie’s ability to connect people and have them work towards a common goal is spectacular.  Her communication skills and uncanny instinct on harnessing the passion and abilities of people are excellent testimonies to her vision for 7th Generation Labs. I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie and the 7th Generation Team as facilitators to engage multi-generations to work together for the common good." 

Jamie Pettit
Community Volunteer

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