What do we have in common that we can create new possibilities around?

Every generation faces challenges … each leaves a legacy based upon the choices they make.  Wise choices honor the sacrifice of earlier generations and consider the consequences for future generations. 

“they were people who had a hard life
and a strong dream.”  

-- Linda Allen
Wimberley ... A Way of Life

In the 1850's Wimberley only had 8-10 families. Their survival depended on personal cooperation. As the Valley grew, needs arose, and organizations followed. What may we learn from their experiences? Let's bring our 'bests' from the past into the future. 

When you consider the future, who are you thinking about? What do you imagine happening? Where are opportunities to better serve individual and community needs? 

Preserving what makes Wimberley Valley unique doesn't happen on autopilot. It happens because we contribute our time, money and ideas to what has heart and meaning for us. It happens because we move beyond our run-of-the-mill Stuck Conversations.

At 7th Generation Labs, we've been asking people these questions. So far, we've discovered energy around the following possibilities for moving forward in a positive direction:

What are your ideas?

Join us Sunday afternoon November 18th, for fun, food, fellowship and full-tilt participation. We believe the Wimberley Valley has a unique contribution to make to the world so let's talk about it. We'll launch steps in that direction and look forward to hearing your ideas! 

Choose the option below that best fits for you. If you don't see the ticketing combination you need, give us a call at 512-847-0410. We are happy to assist you. 

Every one attending will have an opportunity to reflect on the Valley's generous spirit and our challenges, sample great food, view amazing art, listen to energizing music, make new acquaintances, and talk with neighbors about ways to preserve what we treasure about the Wimberley Valley. This event is designed for adults and middle/high school students.

If you are in a position to be a Contributing Sponsor or Founding Supporter, we are immensely grateful to you and delighted to have your generosity in support of this effort.

Contributing Sponsor
for the Nov 18th Gathering

Your generosity covers expenses such as the fee for renting the Community Center, marketing, and event supplies. You'll receive 2 tickets to the Nov. 18th gathering.

Founding Supporter
beyond Nov 18

Your generosity provides training and facilitation for projects that generate energy for moving forward. You'll receive four tickets to the Nov. 18th gathering.  [LEARN MORE]

If you need some other ticketing combination, have any questions or insights to offer, call Stephanie Nestlerode at 512-847-0410 or Contact Us.  We are happy to assist you. 
I can't make it to the event but would like to stay informed.

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