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a workshop experience weaving connections to
enrich your life, livelihood and community

Sunday, January 20th 2019
2:00-5:00 PM
Wimberley Community Center 

Experience for yourself the power of connecting
people, ideas, needs, and resources.

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The Wimberley Valley is known far and wide for what people ‘experience’ here.  

These experiences strengthen relationships between us as neighbors and make us resilient as a community.  In addition, they provide fun, food and fellowships for folks who visit and support the local economy.

Yet how do all these many things happen?  It’s the creative brew, our secret sauce, that makes it so.  We have so many creative people,  diverse resources, and a natural inclination to bring new experiences into being.  We have an invisible web of connections that links ideas, opportunities, needs and resources.

What would be possible, that’s not possible now, if we could ‘see’ these connections?

At this workshop, with our Guide Maya Townsend, we’ll map our connections to illuminate what’s hidden in the Valley's Creative Brew.

What if we could 'see' these connections more clearly?  What would that make possible that isn't possible now? 
We know some of these relationships, but we've had no way to see all of them. Until now! Seeing more connections means we can make good things happen more quickly. 
  • Who loves to do what you love to do?
  • Who has expertise in board development, team building, fundraising or computers?
  • Who has an event space available for rent?
  • Who does grant writing?
  • Who's planning to equip youth for the future?



Experience for yourself the power of connecting people, ideas,
needs, and resources.

At this workshop, you'll discover and experience:
  • How you and 'we' are connected across the Valley
  • Hidden assets and resources in the Valley 
  • Our networks, you'll literally 'see' the webs of relationships, that hold us together in our Creative Brew
  • How we can collectively support each other by making matches between people’s skills, resources, and connections
  • How to make it easier to create positive experiences for ourselves, our neighbors and tourists

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