The Wimberley Valley


What is it about the Wimberley Valley that draws people from all over the world?


How do we encourage the ‘bests’ of the community on a daily basis?


How might other communities learn from Wimberley’s experience?

The Power of Place:
Wimberley Valley Strong

by Stephanie Nestlerode

 Like many others, I felt called to move here.  Others born here, feel called to stay.  Hearing the call and understanding what the call means are two quite different things.  At 7th Generation Labs, we’ve finally landed on what our calling means to us.  We believe that the Wimberley Valley has a unique contribution to make to the world.

After the Memorial Day flood in 2015, FEMA noted that Wimberley is the most resilient community they’ve ever encountered.  Why?  What creates our ability to bounce back from tragedy?  What makes Wimberley so special to our visitors and to each and every one of us?  

 We’re taking a page out of the Louise and Parks Johnson playbook. Prior to becoming movers and shakers in Wimberley, Parks Johnson worked for a Houston radio station.  In 1932 he took a microphone to the street to question the passers-by. His program, "Vox Pop," the first radio quiz show, was born. 

His wife, Louise Johnson, selected and gave gifts to participants, becoming known as Mrs. Santa Claus. In spite of interviewing politicians and celebrities, the Johnson's kept the spotlight on the average person - the voice of the people.

M.F. Johnson, their daughter-in-law, follows in their tradition. She says that she got inoculated with the joy of community through Louise. 

In her words, it isn’t who you were when you came to Wimberley that counts; it’s who you become now that you do live in Wimberley.”

We’re bringing VoxPop to the Wimberley Valley.  Let’s DISCOVER together what makes Wimberley so special.  Let’s AMPLIFY what makes us strong. And let’s SHARE what we learn with other communities.   Let's preserve Wimberley's heritage even as we adapt to changing circumstances.

 Our deepest gratitude to Martha Knies - our tour guide for learning about Wimberley's pioneering spirit. 

Original Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash.

What do you think makes Wimberley so Special?
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