Roadmaps offer a way to support you in learning what matters.

The Learning Journey

Roadmaps are tried and true paths for learning what matters – for gaining clarity on who we are, how we learn and ways to bring our unique contributions into the world. Our focus on wisdom traditions weaves the essential elements of body, mind and spirit to keep us grounded in the midst of both action and reflection. Wisdom enables awareness of self, of circumstances, of others and the interactive possibilities of the whole.

Live Online Learning

Live online learning means scheduled sessions, live online (via Zoom) rather than being pre-recorded for anytime learning.

Live On-Site Learning

Live on-site learning sessions means we come to you! These are held at a specific place and time as opposed to online. 

Anytime Learning

Anytime learning is recorded video-based learning opportunities that enable you to learn at your own pace and on your own time.

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