Core Team

William Nestlerode, PhD
Chief Technology Architect – 7th Generation Labs

Founding Partner and Chief Technical Officer – Omega Point International, Inc.

Bill is a mathematician, technical consultant and systems engineer with experience designing and implementing integrated software and hardware solutions. His specialties include open source and security systems. He enjoys solving complex technical problems, minimizing resource requirements and maximizing results. He is skilled at tutoring people learning new ways – whether in math, statistics, physics or computing. As Director of Research Computing at the University of South Carolina, he bridged math faculty into the world of computing. He has provided systems engineering expertise to IBM, MCI, BSDI, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies and Unisys. As a tutor with high school and college students, he is especially gifted with students who experience math anxiety.

Bill weaves 7th Generation Labs’ platform, hardware and software together into an integrated system to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.

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