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 Giving Young people what they need to Succeed.
Mondays April 1 & 8, 2024
10:30 am to noon PST  USA

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The conventional wisdom among adults is, "I wouldn't want to be a kid 'these' days!"


Collectively, adults around the world,
more than ever,
are genuinely worried about children and youth.

Whether biological, adoptive, or chosen, parents are concerned.

And the children are feeling it, too, as they navigate home, school, neighborhood, social media, and social norms.

Because we have physical, mental health, and academic exams, adults wonder, "Where's the social health exam?" They want to know how to ensure their kids are supported enough to rise above the possible harms.


For 45+ years, Derek has dedicated his life to discovering how to ensure that youth thrive.  What he discovered is that indigenous elders and modern researchers agree on the answers.  The key is creating webs of support for the youth and the adults.  Through his efforts, we now know and can measure what the elders shared and meant.

We understand what creates resilient individuals. 

Peterson has worked in 172 Alaska villages, 50 villages in British Columbia, and 40 villages in the American Southwest.

He has worked in First Nations communities in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.

In the past ten years, he has expanded his work within Indigenous communities in Mexico, Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria, and beyond.

His work is used by the International Institute for Children's Rights and Development to support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Children around the world.

Based on these wisdoms, he's created a measurable story for anyone who loves and supports kids.


The story was designed for young people who, through their own self-agency and power, can catch and hold what they need to succeed today and long into the future.

In his Napkin Talk, he gives an overview of the core elements involved. 


We encourage adults and youth to attend together!!

Monday, April 1 2024, 10:30 - Noon PST


Derek will provide an overview and the first level of details involved in metrics and measures of the story. You'll get the opportunity to gather in small groups to explore its application to your own life and the lives of the children and youth you love.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the depth of lived experience that lies underneath the pathway (indigenous and western research)
  • Understand how the measurable story increases young people's success through resilience and civility while reducing the likelihood of drug/alcohol use, suicidal ideation, and other risky behaviors.
  • Find out how to pass resiliency on to the children and youth within your circle of influence.

Following the session, you'll draft an action plan for applying the measures to your unique circumstances.

Monday, April 8 2024, 10:30 -noon PST


Derek will continue covering the story more in-depth while giving ample time to answer your questions and provide coaching on your efforts.


You will have the opportunity to:

  • Be supported as you apply the wisdom to your life's unique circumstances.
  • Gain confidence in your resilience as you strengthen your family and community.


In both sessions, you'll experience the power of learning amid kindred spirits on the same journey.

What adults say


"Derek’s work changed the way I literally see the youth around me."


"Where was Derek 20 years ago, when I was just starting my family? Why wasn’t this work made available to everyone? How did my parents not know this, and not pass it on?"


"Without being able to see in Full-Color (Derek’s work), I would not have known how to navigate my divorce successfully, and raise my son to be the man he is, and is becoming."


"First, without Derek’s work, I would not be alive. And, second, I would not have been able to give my 6 kids better than I got. Third, I would not be able to have accomplished what I have done in my life."

What youth say

You’re the best.  I love the way you see everyone in “phull color.”  And how you’re so understanding.  I hope that one day I can see the world like you.

You are my biggest inspiration!  I love how you show others the light that we all have inside of ourselves.  This will help me pursue my dreams.

I love how you support, trust, take an interest and have hope for kids.  I love how you always be yourself, are always positive and I wish I could grow up to be someone like you.  To me, you’re the best leader I know.

You are very trustworthy and caring.  You include everybody.  You make people know they are cared about and have support.  I don’t know about everybody else but I know you’ve helped me and you are in my web.

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*Derek is generously donating his time to this gathering.  If you are able to contribute above the $150 level, it will be applied to supporting indigenous elders and those needing financial assistance to attend.