7th Generation Labs hosts a learning community for those creating a future that works for all beings - a space for honing our skills, gathering resources and finding moral support.

7 Ways to Connect...Choose Your Own Adventure!

Your voice … your contributions are too valuable to be lost in the chaos

  • Are you looking for the best places and ways to share your gifts and talents?
  • Eager to meet people who support your growth and development?
  • Needing help transforming conflict into creative solutions and momentum?

7th Generation Labs provides a space to be seen, heard and valued.
To get clear and energized.
To discover and exchange practical wisdoms.

We help you power all of your adventures!

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Even when people understand that the status quo is unsustainable, many are not clear on how to get involved and support the needed shifts.


The folks at 7th Generation Labs have helped 1000s of individuals, organizations and communities get clear on their unique role in shaping a future that works for all beings. We have a proven framework that helps people discover their unique roles, learn how they learn, and bring their vision into reality. We look forward to hearing your story!

We offer 3 types of resources to assist you on your learning journey.

Holistic Wisdom Exchange
Exploratory Listening Labs
Self-Guided Mentoring
7 Ways to Connect...Choose Your Own Adventure!

Standing up takes courage.  Takes inspiration. Takes skills.

Yet even the strong get weary . . .

all of us need nurturance and protection for body . . . for mind . . . and for spirit. None of us can do it alone.


Let's learn our way into the future together!

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We make it easy to find others who share your passionate interests.  We put resources for your learning journey at your fingertips so that you gain skills, friends and confidence in your ability to make an impact. 

Weaving communities  of belonging is in our DNA


Our initiatives are designed to weave old and new wisdom to co-create a future that works for all beings

Diversity Leadership Conference

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Martha Knies Community Park

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Youth Voice Initiative

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7 Ways to Connect...Choose Your Own Adventure!