We believe that meeting today's challenges requires learning from indigenous peoples and using technology to foster connections among kindred spirits. We live in the time of the 7th Generation Rising and we're dedicated to bringing youth and elders together.  



Our mission is weaving old and new eyes wisdom to create a future that works for all beings. 


At the end of the day, the legacy we leave behind is the future we create for the world's children . . . and their children . . . and their children.

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We believe your voice … your contributions are too valuable to be lost in the chaos.

  • Are you looking for the best places and ways to share your gifts and talents?

  • Eager to meet people who support your growth and development?

  • Does your organization need help transforming conflict into creative solutions and momentum?

When you’re clear on your unique role and next steps, your impact blossoms

7th Generation Labs provides a space to be seen, heard and valued.
To get clear and energized.
To discover and exchange practical wisdoms.

We help you power all of your adventures!

Today's young people are the 7th Generation Rising.  As elders, we feel called to be of service to their brilliance, energy and dedication.

The window of opportunity to heal people and the planet is closing.

Let it be said we chose to do our part.

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Discover a path forward that enlivens you and benefits the communities you love!

with Kindred Spirits

We make it easy to find others who share your passionate interests.

Amplify Your Gifts

We put resources for your learning journey at your fingertips.

Make a Difference

You gain friends, skills, and confidence in your ability
to make an impact.

In our experience, standing up takes courage.  Takes inspiration. Takes skills.

Yet even the strong
get weary.

All of us need nurturance and protection for body, for mind, and for spirit. None of us can do it alone.


Let's learn our way into the future together!

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Our North Star is the Great Law of Peace adopted by the Haudenosaunee people over 800 years ago.


Even when people understand that the status quo is unsustainable, many are not clear on how to get involved and create needed shifts.

We have helped 1000s of individuals, organizations and communities get energized and activated by gaining clarity on their unique roles.


We look forward to learning about yours!

Shared feelings about 7GL's offerings...

 "I love the precious wisdom you share.  The energy is so grounding, practical, gentle and loving. I would come off of stressful and angsty work calls, and just feel myself uplifted.  I was always transformed into higher order thinking, eagle sightedness of the big picture and a sense of equanimity." 

~Sarah Beardmore, Silver Spring, Maryland


 "Your gatherings have been some of the best learnings I have had in my life.   Many elements directly come to life in my everyday living. I love the generous, warm, rich sharing.  I even ended up joining the 7th Generation team!"

~Odette Bovenberg, Rotterdam, Netherlands


 "The gathering has put springs on my shoes to launch me into a fresh chapter - one that was a long time coming and very welcome. I felt completely held and seen. You made us all feel heard and had constructive feedback.  I loved the questions and the seeking tools you gave us."

~Jamie HornbuckleWimberley, Texas


 Interact Directly With Kindred Spirits

Stay tuned for future offerings!
Exploratory Listening Labs

New offerings in development based on eight ways to walk towards peace

Interested in Designing Labs?
Self-Guided Mentoring

Platform will connect kindred spirits based on geography, passions, roles we play, etc.

Help make the vision a reality!

Weaving communities of belonging is in our DNA.


Our superpower is helping people, organizations and communities discover who they are, how they learn, and what they want to bring into the world.


Our mission is sharing old and new eyes wisdom for
creating a future that works for all beings.


See what is possible with 7GL guidance 


Youth and adults join forces to work towards social justice

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Let us help you discover and energize your unique path forward.  


We are dedicated to linking you with the resources that best serve your needs.  

Present and future generations are counting on us.  Let it be said we did our part!

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