We support a welcoming environment of compassion, curiosity, diversity, and mutual exploration. Our language choices are so important. Remember that you are in relationship to others, who came to this workshop / circle / conversation to learn together.

Can you hold curiosity and accept others without trying to change them? We speak for ourselves, not assuming that others in the circle share our own worldviews or understand things in the same way. 

Our goal in communication is to choose respectful words, refraining from:

  • Using someone else’s words or images without asking them and referencing them
  • Repeating conversations shared in trust unless given permission by that person 
  • Using humor at the expense of someone else 
  • Using hate language or actions of violence or intent to cause harm 
  • Making proclamations about or against people

Here are some examples of effective and respectful communication:

  • “This is what I wonder, and I look forward to hearing how others think.”
  • “You can trust that I will not repeat the amazing things you just shared with us outside the circle.”
  • “I cannot know how you feel – I can only know how what you are saying makes me feel. When you say this, I feel…”
  • “That sounds like it was difficult for you to say. That took some courage. Thank you for honoring us by sharing it.”

In joining us, you agree to honor, stand for and embody these 7th Generation Labs values – in service to the world and to each other.