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Welcome to the LearningWay Lodge

Paula Underwood shared stories about her people spending winters in longhouses buried underneath snow. ย The winters were a time for gathering their wisdom - so that all the people could learn from their experiences and reflect on how to apply their learnings.

Paula's sharings were known as The LearningWay and this space is named in her honor.

Here we may learn from the wisdom of elders and then learn from each other . . .it's a space for weaving old and new eyes wisdom.

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The Lodge is a resource for moving towards a future that works for all beings. ย 

We focus on supporting folks working on local projects close to their hearts.

We feel great joy that we can share the work of elders who have crossed our path . . . who felt called to share their wisdom with all listening ears.

Their sharings are so tried and tested, so down to Earth, rooted in Earth, so connected to the whole.

The wisdoms have supported communities for thousands of years.

And is so alive and bubbling, so ever adjusting to new circumstances, that it will support you as you move your community towards peaceful ways.ย 

Imagine learning from a thousands of years old Tree.

Imagine learning from a sapling.

For moving forwards wisely, you need both.

If you are looking for quick fixes, the fastest path towards your goal, changing things without taking responsibility for the change you are creating, then this may be no Wisdom for you.

If you share our Central Fire, the Great Law of Peace, we welcome you to join our community of kindred spirits.

The Great Law of Peace

"In our every deliberation, we must honor the contributions of the past seven generations and consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.โ€

Paula Underwood, Oneida Wisdom Keeper

Walking Ancient Paths to Peace

Where do you feel called?

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