Core Team

Lisa Heft
Chief Curate, Culture and Learning Facilitator – 7th Generation Labs

Consultant, Facilitator, Educator – Opening Space
President Emerita, Open Space Institute US
Fellow Emerita, Columbia University’s Center for International Conflict Resolution

Lisa is an internationally renowned facilitator and educator known for using interactive, experiential ways to engage groups in reflection, learning and interchange – whether facilitating 2500 conference delegates in knowledge exchange, consulting on dialogic processes for peace worker teams doing conflict resolution in Northern Iraq and East Timor, teaching interactive learning methods to monitoring and evaluation specialists, helping farmers, scientists or faith workers share knowledge across disciplines or engaging dialogue about wellness with prison inmates. She has taught, facilitated and hosted learning exchanges in 21 countries to-date and is passionate about facilitation and learning which welcome complexity, diversity, compassion and inclusion.

Lisa provides guidance, facilitation and consult for 7th Generation Labs and its users in realms such as access and inclusivity, experiential learning, interpersonal communication, content and service proposals and the curation and care of resources, culture and community.

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