Core Team

Stephanie Nestlerode, MSW
Founder and Chief Synthesizer – 7th Generation Labs

Founding Partner – Omega Point International, Inc.

Stephanie Nestlerode is a social worker by training and a strategic planner by trade. In her words, “The future we create is the legacy we leave the world’s children.“

She has over 40 years of experience coaching community coalitions and organizations through change. Her clients have ranged from Boeing and the US Environmental Protection Agency to the City of Austin and LifeWorks. Her specialty is providing learning opportunities that inspire, guide, and cultivate skills. Her clients learn how to generate the energy, ownership, and structure required for strategic thinking and successful implementation – creating efficient and effective systems for serving the common good.

As Chief Synthesizer for 7th Generation Labs, she is joining with kindred spirits to create a treasure trove of ways to learn what matters.


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