Core Team

The creators of 7th Generation Labs are social artists, organizational and leadership development consultants, systems thinkers, educators, strategists, ethicists, technologists, visionaries, facilitators, personal coaches, leaders and learners. We are dedicated to igniting the ability of individuals, organizations and communities to know and offer their unique contributions for serving the common good.

Stephanie Nestlerode, MSW
Founder and Chief Synthesizer – 7th Generation Labs

Founding Partner – Omega Point International, Inc.

As Chief Synthesizer for 7th Generation Labs, she is joining with kindred spirits to create a treasure trove of ways to learn what matters.

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LaDonna Coy MHR, CPS, CDLA
Chief Product & Event Designer – 7th Generation Labs

President – Learning Chi, Inc.

LaDonna uses her experience and training to inform, design, develop and offer 7th Generation Labs digital products, courses, and learning experiences.

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Lisa Heft
Chief Curate, Culture and Learning Facilitator – 7th Generation Labs

Consultant, Facilitator, Educator – Opening Space
President Emerita, Open Space Institute US
Fellow Emerita, Columbia University’s Center for International Conflict Resolution

Lisa provides guidance, facilitation and consult for 7th Generation Labs and its users in realms such as access and inclusivity, experiential learning, interpersonal communication, content and service proposals and the curation and care of resources, culture and community.

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William Nestlerode, PhD
Chief Technology Architect – 7th Generation Labs

Founding Partner and Chief Technical Officer – Omega Point International, Inc.

Bill weaves 7th Generation Labs’ platform, hardware and software together into an integrated system to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.

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Maya Townsend
Chief Communitarian &
Master Chocolate Connoisseur

Founder of Partnering Resources

Maya Townsend, founder of Partnering Resources, brings diverse people together to tackle complex problems. Her work is based on understanding how to leverage networks: the complex, interrelated, and often messy webs of relationships that drive all group activity. 

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Ken Homer

Founder, Collaborative Conversations

Ken founded Collaborative Conversations after a decade as a member of the core team that developed The World Café dialogue process. Certified as an Integral Coach through New Ventures West, Ken has been exploring how what we do in conversation commits us to action and produces results at work for the better part of the last 20 years. 

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Diane Miller

Principal, Civic Conversations

Diane Miller specializes in the design, facilitation and implementation of processes that help diverse groups of people find common ground for action. For the last fifteen years, she has worked with Central Texas governments, businesses and community groups on topics such as community visioning efforts, land use and transportation planning, education and sustainable development.

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DuAnne Redus

DuAnne Redus, Confidence Supporter

After retiring from her work as a consultant with Amadeus International, based in London, DuAnne used the skills and knowledge she gained in executive leadership and organizational behavior with multi-national organizations, to develop programs with youth as Executive Director of The LifeWorks Institute.

Through collaboration with 7th Generation Labs, her current focus is to support young leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to co-create a collective global future that serves everyone. 

Her book, The 6th-Dimensional Blueprint for Shaping the Future,  addresses the right to ‘be’ in work and life.


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