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Every person, gathering, organization and community impacts the world – even if not everyone sees the connection.  We are all connected – for better and for worse.  How do we become more aware and skillful in understanding the consequences of our actions (or lack of them)?

Photo by Robert Bixler

Positive changes arise from those bringing their unique contributions to serve the common good.What gifts do you bring?  What is the world calling for that only you can provide?  How might you ignite the gifts within others?

The most efficient and effective way to know and offer our unique contributions is to learn from our own lived experience and the experience of others.  As 7th Generation Labs our unique contribution is curating a welcoming wisdom exchange with a treasure trove of roadmaps, mentors and communities for those serving the common good. What might be possible, that’s not possible now, if we support each other as individuals and as a world community?

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