Taking a Learning Leap - Smart Phone Video

learning Jun 21, 2016

Don’t you love it when you learn to do something new or better with a tool you already have in your tool box? Me too. Some time ago I was introduced to The Missing Manual and iPhone Video Course where I’ve started learning how to shoot and share video using my iPhone. The nudge came from Gideon Shalwick who’s trainings I've taken before and benefited immensely from so I decided to give Jules Missing Manual and video training a try. Wow!

Here’s my top five things about the course:

  1. The training is video-based in small bites so you can learn and put what you learn into practice quickly
  2. He teaches the technical including all the details about hardware, software, and how-to
  3. All the basics that even us digital immigrants can jump in and learn
  4. Demonstrates how-to do everything
  5. He provides links to every tool and app he demonstrates so when you see something you’d like to replicate, you’ve got what you need to give it a go.

Jules Watkins has developed this training based on his many years experience producing, directing and shooting video for the BBC. In other words, he knows his stuff and it shows. 

One of the most important ways to get some visibility, traction and interest in issues, movements or calls to action is video stories.

What kinds of stories can you see yourself telling with video from trainings, community meetings or events and conference workshops, or maybe media campaigns (like this one from a great coalition in Hawaii) or other social media?

One big goal for me is to learn to do more storytelling with pictures and video, how about you? Where have you used video to tell a bit of story?

Do comment and share your thoughts, experience and results with us, we can all learn and do more.