How Is Networking like Your Junk Drawer

networking Jan 16, 2018

What's in your junk drawer? I know you have one, everyone does! You know, that drawer that seems to catch everything from bread ties to change and recipes to wine corks. It's a great collection of interesting objects and mementos and yet you find yourself gazing into the drawer today and wondering, "where did all this come from"? Now what?

Networks are like that too.  Often perceived as an interesting collection of co-workers, former co-workers, friends, acquaintances and even people we met once but may not remember as clearly after all this time. 

Most of us see our network as singular, one network when in fact there's a smarter, better way to see it and organize it so it works for you. 

Networking has long been practiced as a way to meet people and establish ourselves in our field with others of like-mind. We attend conferences, trainings, and events and aim to meet as many people as we can ... and collect their business cards and add them to our list. But, meeting...

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The Work at the Heart of the Work

networking Oct 10, 2017

No matter your field or discipline, making connections and building relationships is at the heart of not only your personal success but to the success of your cause, business or services. 

You've probably heard the comment, relationships are job #1.  So what is networking if not relationships in the making? I've come to think of networking skills as foundational to just about all the other skills we need.  If we are to be successful in our aspirations, it behooves us to become a well-connected, go-to resource for those we serve whether in business, nonprofits, or government. 

I thought I knew all about networking. 

I was wrong. 

Perhaps you are too?

Do any of these resonate?

  1. What if our network is actually plural? In other words what if our network is really several nested networks, each serving a different role and function? 
  2. What if we already have a network but it is somewhat hidden from us? What if we could see it clearly?
  3. What if...
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