Three Gateways to Systems Thinking

systems thinking Dec 01, 2019

 by Stephanie Nestlerode 

As a person who has witnessed the power of systems thinking, I’ve often wondered why we don’t see it more widely applied?  When Peter Senge’s book, “The Fifth Discipline” came out in 1990, it was a game-changer for me.  Not so much for its introduction of systems thinking, but for the intriguing possibilities Peter imagined through the practice of dialogue – which he viewed as an essential foundation for seeing systems.

Three elements must be in place to be ready for learning systems thinking.  They serve as gateways because of the habits they establish.

Welcoming Diversity.  Diversity in all things.  The pace of change is accelerating.  We are limited in what we can observe from our own personal experience.  Creating robust solutions requires learning from everyone’s perspective.  Being open vs. being closed is not a skill to be learned.  It’s an...

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