What makes the Wimberley Valley so Unique and Resilient?

community wimberley Jun 28, 2018

Like many before me, I was charmed from the first moment I caught sight of Wimberley. People arriving at the visitor’s center often ask, “why is Wimberley so amazing?” 

When FEMA was here in 2015 they shared that Wimberley was the most resilient community they’d ever assisted. 

Clearly, we have a highly unusual ability to deal with challenges.  And we will need to call on that ability if we want to preserve what we love about living here. 

Hays County is the fourth fastest growing county in the nation - the fastest growing county in Texas.  The population of The Hill Country is projected to grow by over a million people by 2030, that's just 12 years!

This growth situation is a recipe for turbulence. 

Fortunately for us, we are a diverse, creative and resilient people.  If we listen to each other and learn from our experiences, we’ll be able to meet our challenges as a community. 

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