5 Fundamental Secrets to More Effective PowerPoint Slide Decks

presentations Jul 19, 2016

How did you learn to create a PowerPoint slide deck? When? Where? From whom? 

If you're like me you may have never really had any formal training in how to think about and put together a training or presentation slide deck? And even if you did, things have changed. The old “seven lines seven words” thinking has been replaced by practical practices emerging from the research on learning and real life experiences.

When I first discovered SlideShare I was so excited. (wahoo!) I finally had a place to put my slide decks online and share them .. that is until I looked at some of the spectacular slide decks appearing on the home page!  One glance told me I had some learning to do before I was going to post any slides! that was in 2007 and since then I’ve worked hard to learn and integrate a different set of practices, some of the best to start with are listed below. See what fits for you and do teach me what you’ve learned too.


1. Don’t...

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