Why To Believe in Others?

learning Jun 07, 2016

When it comes to why we should believe in others, no one says it better than Victor Frankl, and in only 4 minutes. What will you (and I) choose to believe about others as we listen to the news and monitor social media? 

What if we all practiced this one thing?
What would that make possible?

Some will say it is too simplistic, that no thing this small could every make a difference on a large scale.
But what if they’re wrong? What if choosing to believe the best of others makes all the difference?
Let’s give it a try. We don’t have anything to lose.

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Collaboration and Social Learning

learning May 24, 2016

I love this post by Harold Jarche. An elevator pitch in 10 sentences! It captures not only a business perspective but with some slight adjustments in language, these 10 pitch points capture what I believe is the gift of social learning and social media. I’ve borrowed and adjusted six of the ten that seem especially fitting to social learning in the work of creating community and organizational change. (Thank you Harold for the creative commons license).


  1. Complex and creative work is difficult to replicate, constantly changes and requires greater tacit knowledge — community work is among the most complex and yet often our solutions are often prescribed, programmatic and driven by funding streams.  While there’s room for these solutions, the surrounding environment (context) within which these programs exist is also an important influence. What works in one community will not in another requiring all those involved to develop deeper understanding and...
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